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You Don`t Say! Idiom

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You don`t say!
What does You don`t say! mean?
used to show surprise at what is said"You don`t say", he said when he heard about the accident on the highway.

Some Random Idioms
throw oneself at (someone's) feet
What does "throw oneself at (someone's) feet" mean?
to behave in a very humble and contrite mannerI was forced to throw myself at the manager's feet and apologize for the mistake that I had made.
eat and run
What does "eat and run" mean?
to eat a meal quickly and then leaveWe had to eat and run in order to arrive at the soccer field early.
close to home
What does "close to home" mean?
to be near to someone`s personal feelings/wishes/interestsMy statement about the woman's work habits hit close to home and she became very quiet.
burst in on (someone or something)
What does "burst in on (someone or something)" mean?
to enter a room and interrupt someone or some activity The woman burst in on the meeting just as it started.

Go fry an egg
What does "Go fry an egg" mean?
This is used to tell someone to go away and leave you alone.
in a bad mood
What does "in a bad mood" mean?
sad, depressedI was in a bad mood after I wrote the university exam.
(a) word to the wise
What does "(a) word to the wise" mean?
a good piece of adviceI gave my friend a word to the wise before he started on his journey.
What does "uncut" mean?
unmodified; unedited
go against the grain
What does "go against the grain" mean?
to go against the natural direction or inclination of somethingThe man's unfriendly attitude goes against the grain of the usually friendly company.
go all out
What does "go all out" mean?
to use all of one's energy/resourcesWe plan to go all out for my sister's wedding.
Cross that bridge when you come to it
What does "Cross that bridge when you come to it" mean?
If you will cross that bridge when you come to it, you will deal with a problem when it arises, but not until that point
alive and kicking
What does "alive and kicking" mean?
to be well and healthy My aunt is ninety years old and she is very much alive and kicking.


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