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You Don't Say! Idiom

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You don't say!
What does You don't say! mean?
: Really? / Is that really true?A: "Have you heard the news? Jessica got married!"B: "You don't say!"

Some Random Idioms
guard one's tongue
What does "guard one's tongue" mean?
to be careful of what one saysI always have to guard my tongue when I am speaking with my friend's parents.
go dutch
What does "go dutch" mean?
a date where each person pays half of the expenses a date where each person pays half of the expensesIn university many of the students had little money so they often went dutch when they were on a date.
in the meantime
What does "in the meantime" mean?
the period of time between now and the beginning of somethingI can't go to university now so in the meantime I am going to a junior college.
What does "chap" mean?
fellow; guy
stretch one's legs
What does "stretch one's legs" mean?
to walk around after sitting down or lying down for a period of timeWe stopped to stretch our legs after driving for several hours.
come full circle
What does "come full circle" mean?
to be completely opposite from one`s starting pointThe university has come full circle with its policy on foreign students.
streets are paved with gold
What does "streets are paved with gold" mean?
a place (usually a city) where you can make much moneyMany people believed that the streets were paved with gold when they moved to the city to try to have a better life.
butt heads with (someone)
What does "butt heads with (someone)" mean?
to quarrel or argue about something with someone The man often butts heads with his boss during a meeting.

boil down to (something)
What does "boil down to (something)" mean?
to reduce something to its essential or main part The reason that we could not go on a holiday boiled down to the fact that we had no money.

early on
What does "early on" mean?
at an early stageWe had a meeting early on to try and solve the problem.
eager beaver
What does "eager beaver" mean?
someone who works very hard and is very enthusiastic The young girl is an eager beaver and always comes to class before the other students.

out of line
What does "out of line" mean?
to be unacceptable, to be not correctHis proposal to travel to New York is out of line. We can never accept it.


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