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This database is a comprehensive collection of all the American idioms and slang available. American Idioms are many and varied. We hope you enjoy our collection. We are adding more all the time. .


Some Random Idioms
Blow off some steam
What does "Blow off some steam" mean?
To enjoy oneself by relaxing normal formalities.He is a true workaholic who has misguided priorities, when he wants to blow off some steam he comes to work on Saturday wearing blue jeans.
Boilers are commonly used in steam heating systems and steam engines such as those used in a steam locomotive. The boilers contain water that is heated by burning some fuel such as oil. The heated water turns to steam, which is then sent through a system of radiators (in the case of heating systems) or harnessed by a steam engine.
The steam creates considerable pressure in the boiler. If the pressure becomes too great, there is a danger of the boiler exploding. Hence boilers are equipped with safety valves called blow off valves that open if the pressure becomes to great.
"Blowing off steam" prevents explosions by relieving the pressure in a boiler by venting excess steam and pressure.
cast the first stone
What does "cast the first stone" mean?
to be the first to criticize or attack someoneI told my friend that he should be careful not to cast the first stone in an argument.
bring home the importance of (something) to (someone)
What does "bring home the importance of (something) to (someone)" mean?
to make someone understand that something is important I tried to bring home the importance of the new company policy.

busman's holiday
What does "busman's holiday" mean?
a holiday where you spend your time doing the same thing that you would do if you were workingThe doctor felt that he was on a busman's holiday when everyone at the meeting began to ask him about their medical problems.
in limbo
What does "in limbo" mean?
in an indefinite state, a state of neglect, a region on the border of hellEverything in the company was in limbo as we waited for news of the takeover bid.
able to breathe easily again
What does "able to breathe easily again" mean?
to be able to relax and recover from a stressful time or event My friend was able to breathe easily again when his company did not go bankrupt.

turnover (of workers)
What does "turnover (of workers)" mean?
the rate at which employees join and leave a company The turnover of workers in the new restaurant is very high.

What does "fender-bender" mean?
automobile accident."Traffic was really slow on the freeway thismorningbecause of a fender-bender in one of the westbound lanes."


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