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You`re Telling Me! Idiom

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You`re telling me!
What does You`re telling me! mean?
used to show that a thing is so clear that it doesn't need to be said"This restaurant is very expensive and the food is not so good."

Some Random Idioms
lift/raise a finger/hand
What does "lift/raise a finger/hand" mean?
to do something to help someoneMy niece will never lift a finger to help anyone.
straight from the shoulder
What does "straight from the shoulder" mean?
an open and honest way of speakingMy friend always speaks straight from the shoulder.
rule out (someone or something)
What does "rule out (someone or something)" mean?
to decide against or eliminate someone or somethingThey still have not ruled out using the new player during the tournament.
bored out of one's mind/skull
What does "bored out of one's mind/skull" mean?
to be very boredThe little boy was bored out of his mind and wanted to return home.
Worm information
What does "Worm information" mean?
If you worm information out of somebody, you persuade them to tell you something they wanted to keep from you.
belt (something) out
What does "belt (something) out" mean?
to sing/play a song with lots of energyThe man stood up and belted out several old songs.
foul one's own nest
What does "foul one's own nest" mean?
to harm one's own interests, to bring discredit to one's familyI do not want to foul my own nest so I try to be very honest in all of my dealings with others.


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