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This database is a comprehensive collection of all the American idioms and slang available. American Idioms are many and varied. We hope you enjoy our collection. We are adding more all the time. .

The phrase in question
What does The phrase in question mean?
The meaning of the phrase.An example of how the phrase would be used.
An explaination (and/or discussion) of where or how the phrase originated.

Some Random Idioms
black out
What does "black out" mean?
to darken a room or building by turning off the lightsDuring the war people in the cities were forced to black out their windows so nobody could see them.
fight tooth and nail
What does "fight tooth and nail" mean?
to fight fiercely or with all one`s strength I am fighting tooth and nail to get a transfer to another department.

Do the running
What does "Do the running" mean?
(UK) The person who has to do the running has to make sure that things get done. ('Make the running' is also used.)
oh shit
What does "oh shit" mean?
a strong expression of shock and fear. Oh shit, I forgot my wallet.
prick up one's ears
What does "prick up one's ears" mean?
to listen more carefully to something (an animal moves its ears up to hear better) When I heard my friends talking about me I pricked up my ears.

creep up on (someone or something)
What does "creep up on (someone or something)" mean?
to crawl quietly toward someone or somethingThe thief crept up on the elderly woman in the supermarket.
What does "two-time" mean?
cheat on a spouse or lover
extenuating circumstances
What does "extenuating circumstances" mean?
the special circumstances that cause something to happen We were able to avoid paying the parking ticket because of extenuating circumstances.


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