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Passed With Flying Colors Idiom

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Passed with flying colors
What does Passed with flying colors mean?
To exceed expectations, to do better than expected.The California smog test is tough, but my car passed with flying colors.
Color(s) has numerous meanings. An early use of the word is flag, pennant, or badge.
"Passed with flying colors" comes from sailing ships that, when passing other ships at sea, would fly their colors (flags) if they wanted to be identified.

Some Random Idioms
bite off more than one can chew
What does "bite off more than one can chew" mean?
take responsibility for more than one can manage."I'm really behind with my project. Can you help me?I'm afraid Ibit off more than I could chew!"
in private
What does "in private" mean?
privatelyThe meeting was held in private in the office of the school principal.
count one`s chickens before they`re hatched
What does "count one`s chickens before they`re hatched" mean?
to depend or think that you will get something before you actually have it"Don`t count your chickens before they`re hatched. Remember that you may not get the job that you expect and you should not spend too much money."
Mover and shaker
What does "Mover and shaker" mean?
A person who is a mover and shaker is a highly respected, key figure in their particular area with a lot of influence and importance.
bring some new facts to light
What does "bring some new facts to light" mean?
to discover some new facts, to make some new facts knownThe lawyers were able to bring some new facts to light in the trial of the killer.
What does "WAG" mean?
wild-ass guess
What does "puke" mean?
vomit; throw up. I was so sick from that fish that I puked last night
speak out of turn
What does "speak out of turn" mean?
to say something unwise, to say the right thing but at the wrong timeThe young man spoke out of turn while the teacher was asking him questions.
fall off the wagon
What does "fall off the wagon" mean?
to return to use alcohol or drugs after stopping for awhileThe man fell off the wagon after he had stopped drinking for three years.
not stand for (something)
What does "not stand for (something)" mean?
to not allow something to happen, to not permit somethingOur teacher will not stand for somebody coming to his class late.
What`s the big idea?
What does "What`s the big idea?" mean?
Why did you do that?, What are you doing?"What`s the big idea? Why are you using my bicycle?"
let (something) ride
What does "let (something) ride" mean?
continue without changing a situationWe should forget about the recent problems at work and let the whole matter ride.
scratch around for (something)
What does "scratch around for (something)" mean?
look here and there for somethingThe woman was scratching around for some money to buy some food.
cheesed off
What does "cheesed off" mean?
upset; disgusted; angry



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