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One Red Cent Idiom

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One Red Cent
What does One Red Cent mean?
A single symbolic penny.I refuse to pay even one red cent for the work until you complete the whole job.
The "Red" refers to both the color of a penny (one cent) and the image that used to be on the penny, an American Indian head. Redskin is a slang term used for American Indians.
Before today's Lincoln penny was the Indian Head penny.
The Indian Head penny was first issued in 1859 and looks just like that as issued in 1908 (before the Lincoln Cent). The only difference was that those from 1859-1864 were of a different copper-nickel alloy while 1864 started the common bronze, which was used until 1982. (You didn't know it changed then, did you?)
The copper-nickel alloy has a reddish tint, which turns redder with time and skin oil.
Before the Indian Head penny was the "Buzzard Cent", as the One Cent coins in 1856-1858 were called. The flying eagle on the coin was damned as an ugly bird and it wasn't popular.
However, it was the first "small cent" using about the same size as our penny today. In the half century before this, One Cent coins were about the size of today's Half Dollar!

Some Random Idioms
What does "Four-eyes" mean?
A person who wears glasses
put (someone) to shame
What does "put (someone) to shame" mean?
to be much better than someone else, to embarrass someoneThe school project of my neighbor's child put our child to shame.
to say nothing of (someone or something)
What does "to say nothing of (someone or something)" mean?
to not even mention the importance of someone or somethingThe hotel itself was very expensive to say nothing of the cost of the restaurants in the hotel.
What does "lost-and-found" mean?
a place that handles lost items that other people findI went to the lost-and-found department at the train station to look for my umbrella.
bad-mouth (someone or something)
What does "bad-mouth (someone or something)" mean?
to say bad things about someone or something The supervisor has the habit of bad-mouthing her boss.

make up one's mind
What does "make up one's mind" mean?
decide what to do.A: Where are you going on your vacation?B: Maybe Canada, maybe Mexico. I can't make up my mind."
tuck into (something)
What does "tuck into (something)" mean?
to eat something with energy and enjoyment We tucked into our dinner when we sat down at the table.

feather one`s nest
What does "feather one`s nest" mean?
to enrich oneself (while holding public office or a trusted job etc.)The mayor has been feathering his nest for many years and is now very rich.


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