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Once In A Blue Moon Idiom

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Once in a blue moon
What does Once in a blue moon mean?
To happen only on rare occasions.The Post Office regularly fails to deliver checks sent in payment to me, but bills sent to me fail to be delivered only once in a blue moon.
Two full moons in the same month are extremely rare, though they do happen. A second full moon has come to be called a blue moon. This is apparently because the Maine Farmers Almanac used to list the date of first moon in red text, and the second moon in blue.

Some Random Idioms
What does "kick" mean?
good feeling or pleasure derived from something
What does "tits" mean?
breasts (usually said of women)
thrill (someone) to pieces/death
What does "thrill (someone) to pieces/death" mean?
to please or excite someone very muchThe music that they played at the wedding thrilled me to pieces.
lay an egg
What does "lay an egg" mean?
to give a bad performanceThe performer laid an egg at the concert last night.
What does "circle-jerk" mean?
a group of men masturbating together
in the short run
What does "in the short run" mean?
for the immediate futureIn the short run I don't think that my uncle will make much money with his fast food business.
cash in on (something)
What does " cash in on (something)" mean?
to make a lot of money at somethingThe small city cashed in on their success after the winter Olympics.
raise/up the ante
What does "raise/up the ante" mean?
to increase your demands or the amount that you spend for something (the ante is the amount of money each player puts on the table before starting a game of cards/poker)The union raised the ante with the company when they said that they were going to go on strike.
hinge on (something)
What does "hinge on (something)" mean?
depend on somethingWhether or not I can enter the university hinges on my final exam score.
rat fink
What does "rat fink" mean?
informant; snitch
force (someone) to the wall
What does "force (someone) to the wall" mean?
to push someone to an extreme positionWe were forced to the wall during the negotiations for the new contract.
take the stand
What does "take the stand" mean?
sit in the witness chair in a courtroomThe main witness at the trial took the stand after the other witnesses were finished.
in contempt of court
What does "in contempt of court" mean?
disrespect for a judge or for courtroom proceduresThe woman was in contempt of court when she refused to sit down quietly during the trial.



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