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What does OK mean?
(1) yes (to show agreement--often reluctant agreement). A: "Come on, Al. We really need your help!"B: "Oh, OK; I may be crazy, but I'll help you."
What does OK mean?
(2) neither good nor bad; so-so.A: "How was the movie?"B: "OK, I guess, but I've seen better ones."
What does OK mean?
(3) in satisfactory condition; well.A: "You look awfully pale. Are you OK?"B: "Actually, I'm not. I have a terrible headache. "
What does OK mean?
(4) approve (verb).A: "Did your boss OK your vacation plans?"B: "No, but he said that taking them two weeks later would be allright.

Some Random Idioms
take off one's hat to (someone)
What does "take off one's hat to (someone)" mean?
to offer praise for someone's good accomplishmentsYou have to take off your hat to the person who organized the sporting event.
Have your moments
What does "Have your moments" mean?
Someone who has his or her moments exhibits a positive behavior pattern on an occasional basis but not generally.
pop the question
What does "pop the question" mean?
to ask someone to marry youHe finally popped the question to his girlfriend after they had been dating for two years.
toss a salad
What does "toss a salad" mean?
to mix the ingredients of a salad with dressingMy friend asked me to toss the salad when we were making dinner.
aching heart
What does "aching heart" mean?
a feeling of sadness that one has when love has been lost or has fadedThe young woman spent the weekend alone with her aching heart.
million and one
What does "million and one" mean?
very manyThere were a million and one things to do at the festival.
hide one's face in shame
What does "hide one's face in shame" mean?
to cover one's face because of shame or embarrassmentThe manager of the company hid his face in shame when he was fired for stealing company money.
wine and dine (someone)
What does "wine and dine (someone)" mean?
to treat someone to an expensive meal, to entertain someone in a lavish mannerMy uncle often has to wine and dine his important business clients.
bring (someone) into line
What does "bring (someone) into line" mean?
to persuade or force someone to agree with you The woman was able to bring the disagreeing members of the committee into line.

talking head
What does "talking head" mean?
announcer or anchor on television (so called because often only the face and neck are visible)
in arrears
What does "in arrears" mean?
late or overdue (usually for bills and money)My account at the department store was in arrears so the manager phoned me.


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