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No Way! Idiom

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No way!
What does No way! mean?
Absolutely not! / Definitely not!A: "You didn't open this letter addressed to me, didyou?"B: "No way! I'd never read look at else's mail!"

Some Random Idioms
get a toehold (somewhere)
What does "get a toehold (somewhere)" mean?
to get an initial position of support, to reach a starting pointWe were able to finally get a toehold in the textbook market.
eat and run
What does "eat and run" mean?
to eat a meal quickly and then leave We had to eat and run in order to arrive at the soccer field early.

What does "icky" mean?
unappealing; disgusting
crank out (something) or crank (something) out
What does "crank out (something) or crank (something) out" mean?
to produce or make something I was able to crank out two very good papers before the end of the year.

as gruff as a bear
What does "as gruff as a bear" mean?
gruff, unsociableOur neighbor is as gruff as a bear when we meet him in the morning.
knock back
What does "knock back" mean?
drink rapidly
set one back on one's heels
What does "set one back on one's heels" mean?
to surprise/shock/overwhelm someoneThe announcement on the school's loudspeaker set everyone back on their heels.
keep (something) under one`s hat
What does "keep (something) under one`s hat" mean?
to keep something secret I plan to keep my plans to look for a new job under my hat.

a leading question
What does "a leading question" mean?
a question that suggests the kind of answer that you want to hearThe lawyer asked the man a leading question when he asked him why he had lied about the money. He had never lied about money.


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