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In the crapper

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In the crapper
What does In the crapper mean?
In the toilet, soiled; or hopelessly irretrievable.Your relationship with Mary went right in the crapper the minute you told her to, "Rub that pie on her hips because that is where it's going to end up anyway".

Thomas Crapper of England is credited for the design and implementation of modern indoor plumbing (including the flushable toilet). Although there is conciderable evidence to the contrary, restrooms/bathrooms are still often referred to as "The Crapper." This word (among others) was introduced to America by their World War I soldiers returning home from Europe.

Some Random Idioms
jump to conclusions
What does "jump to conclusions" mean?
judge or decide something without having all the factsThe manager had jumped to conclusions when she accused the employee of stealing from the company.
have a sweet tooth
What does "have a sweet tooth" mean?
to have a desire to eat sweet foodsI have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate bars.
pick a fight/quarrel
What does "pick a fight/quarrel" mean?
to start a fight/quarrel with someone on purposeI do not like that woman because she is always trying to pick a quarrel with others.
stuck on (someone)
What does "stuck on (someone)" mean?
to be very much in love with someone, to be crazy about someoneMy niece has been stuck on the boy next door for several years now.
tickled pink
What does "tickled pink" mean?
to be very pleased or delighted by someone or something"My mother was tickled pink that you visited her when you were in town."
bring (someone) around
What does "bring (someone) around" mean?
to restore someone to health or consciousness, to cure someoneThe medical workers were able to bring the man around after the accident.
be off to a bad start
What does "be off to a bad start" mean?
to start something under bad circumstancesThe production of the play was off to a bad start when the lights did not work.
play off
What does "play off" mean?
to settle a score between two teams or contestants by playing another game/matchOur team had to play off against the other team before we went to the championship.
bat a thousand
What does "bat a thousand" mean?
be successful in everything that you do be successful in everything that you doThe salesman was batting a thousand during his sales trip to Europe.
What does "fucker" mean?
a person with many negative traits (used pejoratively or disparagingly; rarely used for women).He's such a fucker.
dead on one's feet
What does "dead on one's feet" mean?
very tired, worn outI was dead on my feet when I returned from shopping all day.
come down
What does "come down" mean?
disappointment; letdown



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