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Hat Trick Idiom

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Hat trick
What does Hat trick mean?
The accomplishment of three successes or wins.Pam has pulled off a hat trick, three divorces, three big settlements.
"Hat trick" originated from the English game of Cricket. The term originally referred to a bowler retiring three consecutive batsman with three consecutive balls.
This is roughly equivalent to a pitcher in baseball striking out three consecutive batters using only three pitches to each! This was considered quite an accomplishment and was traditionally rewarded with a hat.
The term is now used for other sports, always referring to an accomplishment of three. A popular use today is three goals by a single player in one game of hockey or soccer.

Some Random Idioms
straight from the horse`s mouth
What does "straight from the horse`s mouth" mean?
directly from the person who said something, directly from a dependable sourceI heard it straight from the horse`s mouth that our supervisor will be leaving the company next week.
sell (someone) a bill of goods
What does "sell (someone) a bill of goods" mean?
to deceive someone, to get someone to believe something that is not trueI believe that the salesman sold me a bill of goods and the product does not have much value.
dirt cheap
What does "dirt cheap" mean?
extremely cheapThe land in the country was dirt cheap when we bought it.
snake oil salesman
What does "snake oil salesman" mean?
someone who tries to sell you something that does not workThe carpet seller is like a snake oil salesman. His carpets are no good at all.
In an instant
What does "In an instant" mean?
If something happens in an instant, it happens very rapidly.
streets are paved with gold
What does "streets are paved with gold" mean?
a place (usually a city) where you can make much moneyMany people believed that the streets were paved with gold when they moved to the city to try to have a better life.
day and night
What does "day and night" mean?
all of the timeWe worked day and night to finish the project before the end of the month.
not enough room to swing a cat
What does "not enough room to swing a cat" mean?
not very much space There was not enough room to swing a cat in the small apartment.

kiss and tell
What does "kiss and tell" mean?
participate in something private and then tell others about itI don't trust her because she is the kind of person who will kiss and tell.
back on one`s feet
What does "back on one`s feet" mean?
to return to good financial healthMy sister is back on her feet after losing her job last year.


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