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Do The Running Idiom

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Do the running
What does Do the running mean?
(UK) The person who has to do the running has to make sure that things get done. ('Make the running' is also used.)

Some Random Idioms
catch (someone`s) eye
What does "catch (someone`s) eye" mean?
to attract someone`s attentionI tried to catch my friend`s eye at the movie theater but he did not notice me.
draw up a contract
What does "draw up a contract" mean?
to make/draft a contractThe lawyer spent several hours drawing up a new contract.
in one's opinion
What does "in one's opinion" mean?
according to one's belief or judgementIn my opinion, my aunt is the best cook in the world.
trick (someone) into (doing something)
What does "trick (someone) into (doing something)" mean?
to fool someone, to cheat someoneThe salesman tricked the customer into buying something that he did not need.
holy cats
What does "holy cats" mean?
used to express strong feelings of astonishment, pleasure or anger"Holy cats, the water is rising over the river bank."
above all
What does "above all" mean?
mainly, especially I like adventure movies but above all I love horror movies.

go for it
What does "go for it" mean?
give it a try; do it;


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