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Cut It Out! Idiom

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Cut it out!
What does Cut it out! mean?
stop doing something (that's annoying)."You kids are making too much noise. Cut itout!"

Some Random Idioms
jive talk
What does "jive talk" mean?
slang; currently popular words and phrases
call off (something) or call (something) off
What does "call off (something) or call (something) off" mean?
to cancel something They called off the game because of the rain.

work on/upon
What does "work on/upon" mean?
have an effect on, try to influenceI am working on my boss to let me have some time off this summer.
put (something) down in black and white
What does "put (something) down in black and white" mean?
write something down, make or draw up a contractI put my strategy for the meeting down in black and white.
stone's throw away from (something)
What does "stone's throw away from (something)" mean?
to be very close to somethingThe new vegetable store is a stone's throw away from the large supermarket.
have nothing between the ears
What does "have nothing between the ears" mean?
to be stupid, to have no brains/intelligenceThe young man has nothing between the ears and he is always making stupid mistakes.
put on a performance/play
What does "put on a performance/play" mean?
to produce or arrange a play or other performanceMy sister helped put on the school play.
draw to a close
What does "draw to a close" mean?
to endThe tournament was drawing to a close and everybody was going back to their homes.
for the heck/hell of it
What does "for the heck/hell of it" mean?
just for fun We went to the river to throw stones, just for the heck of it.

Hat trick
What does "Hat trick" mean?
The accomplishment of three successes or wins.Pam has pulled off a hat trick, three divorces, three big settlements.
"Hat trick" originated from the English game of Cricket. The term originally referred to a bowler retiring three consecutive batsman with three consecutive balls.
This is roughly equivalent to a pitcher in baseball striking out three consecutive batters using only three pitches to each! This was considered quite an accomplishment and was traditionally rewarded with a hat.
The term is now used for other sports, always referring to an accomplishment of three. A popular use today is three goals by a single player in one game of hockey or soccer.
take (someone or something) in hand
What does "take (someone or something) in hand" mean?
to try to take control of a situation and improve it or deal with itOur teacher quickly took the situation in hand when the class became too noisy.
What does "dope" mean?
dumb person


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