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Crossing The Rubicon Idiom

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Crossing the Rubicon
What does Crossing the Rubicon mean?
When a decisive and irrevocable step has been taken. To commit to a given course of action that permits no return is to cross the Rubicon.Paul knew he had passed the Rubicon when he wrote the deposit check for the hall for the wedding reception.
The actual Rubicon is a river in Northern Italy that flows into the Adriatic Sea. It is 15 miles (24 kilometers) long. The river is renowned because Julius Caesar prompted a three year civil war when he crossed this river in 49 B.C. to march against Pompey. Julius knew that "crossing the Rubicon" with his army in tact would be considered an act of aggression.
Using the word Rubicon as a figurative boundary, limiting action was first seen in the 1600s.

Some Random Idioms
tear (someone) limb from limb
What does "tear (someone) limb from limb" mean?
to attack someone in a violent way The dogs attacked the cat and tore it limb from limb.

draw interest
What does "draw interest" mean?
(for money) to earn interest while it is on deposit at a bankWe put the money into our bank account so that it would draw interest.
What does "dishy" mean?
sexy; sexually appealing (said of women)
chicken (adjective or noun)
What does "chicken (adjective or noun)" mean?
(adjective or noun): cowardly."Fred will never ask Lucy for a date. He'schicken / a chicken.
blissed (out)
What does "blissed (out)" mean?
drunk from alcohol or high on drugs
to kick off (something)
What does "to kick off (something)" mean?
begin/launch/start somethingThe department store kicked off their summer sale early Saturday morning.
roll up one`s sleeves
What does "roll up one`s sleeves" mean?
to get ready for a hard job, to prepare to work hard or seriously "Let`s roll up our sleeves and begin to work so that we can finish early."

eco nut
What does "eco nut" mean?
somebody greatly concerned about the state of the environment
At the top of the list
What does "At the top of the list" mean?
If something is at the top of the list, it is of highest priority, most important, most urgent, or the next in one's line of attention.
get on in years
What does "get on in years" mean?
grow old; become older
lash out (at someone)
What does "lash out (at someone)" mean?
suddenly try to hit someoneThe boy suddenly lashed out and hit the man who was sitting beside him.


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