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Cool It! Idiom

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Cool it!
What does Cool it! mean?
calm down."There's no need to be so upset. Just cool it!"

Some Random Idioms
make sense
What does "make sense" mean?
seem reasonableHis new proposal really does make sense.
in the bullpen
What does "in the bullpen" mean?
a baseball player is in a special area getting ready to pitch in a game a baseball player is in a special area getting ready to pitch in a gameThe new pitcher practiced in the bullpen while he waited for a chance to enter the game.
Earn a living
What does "Earn a living" mean?
To make money Ex: We need to get a good job to earn a decent living.
go haywire
What does "go haywire" mean?
to become damaged, to stop working properlyAt first, things were going well but later our plans began to go haywire.
bowl (someone) over
What does "bowl (someone) over" mean?
to surprise or overwhelm someoneThe salesman bowled me over with his energetic sales talk.
put in (somewhere)
What does "put in (somewhere)" mean?
to stop at a port on a journey by waterThe ship put in at several ports during the cruise.
put one's finger on (something)
What does "put one's finger on (something)" mean?
to locate something precisely, to identify something as very importantI was able to put my finger on the problem and find someone to help me fix it.
What does "fuck" mean?
sexual intercourse. She's a great fuck.
have one's finger on the pulse
What does "have one's finger on the pulse" mean?
to be aware of recent changes or developments in a particular situation or activity Our supervisor has her finger on the pulse and knows what everybody is doing.

back down
What does "back down" mean?
to yield in one's position during negotiations, to not follow up on a threatThe government backed down on their threat to stop giving money to the school district.
close to (someone)
What does "close to (someone)" mean?
to be fond of someone and have a good relationship with him or her The boy is very close to his grandfather.

as clean as a hound's tooth
What does "as clean as a hound's tooth" mean?
very cleanThe classroom was as clean as a hound's tooth when the students finished cleaning it.
dead letter
What does "dead letter" mean?
a piece of mail that cannot be delivered or returned to the senderThe letter with no return address went back to the post office as a dead letter.


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