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Cooking with gas

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Cooking with gas
What does Cooking with gas mean?
To be working fast, proceeding rapidly.After working with those old hand tools, power tools will make you feel like you are really cooking with gas.
Although common place today, gas stoves have not always been the norm. Gas stoves started to be available in the 1800's, and until that time wood stoves were the standard.
Now you're "cooking with gas" comes from an old advertisement for gas stoves. The phrase suggests that gas is faster, easier, cleaner, better than cooking with wood.

Some Random Idioms
in plain language/English
What does "in plain language/English" mean?
in simple and clear languageMy bank explained to me in plain English what the terms of the loan were.
fucking A
What does "fucking A" mean?
a strong expression of satisfaction or delight. A raise!? Fucking A!
What does "buff" mean?
prepare a patient and details of care so discharge or transfer to another service will go smoothly. Just buff the patient's chart and get him out of here already.
What does "hump" mean?
have sexual relations
first out of the gate
What does "first out of the gate" mean?
be the first person to begin a project be the first person to begin a projectHe was first out of the gate in the effort to raise money for the new concert hall.
flora and fauna
What does "flora and fauna" mean?
plants and animalsWe took some books to the cottage so that we could learn about the flora and fauna of the area.
keep up appearances
What does "keep up appearances " mean?
keep an outward show of prosperity or good behaviorHe is trying to keep up appearances even though he has lost his job.
find one's feet
What does "find one's feet" mean?
to become used to a new situation or experienceI was able to easily find my feet when I started my new job.
give (someone) the eye
What does "give (someone) the eye" mean?
to look or stare at someone (especially in a cold or unfriendly way)The store manager began to give me the eye so I left.
in jeopardy
What does "in jeopardy" mean?
in danger, at riskOur contract with the large company was in jeopardy because of our inability to quickly provide them with our products.
raise eyebrows
What does "raise eyebrows" mean?
to cause surprise or disapproval, to shock peopleI raised eyebrows when I arrived at work two hours late this morning.
stop short of (doing something)
What does "stop short of (doing something)" mean?
to not go as far as doing somethingWe stopped short of asking the secretary to leave although she continued to make mistakes with her work.
from way back
What does "from way back" mean?
since a long time ago, for a long timeI know my friend from way back. In fact, we went to elementary school together.



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