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Close, But No Cigar Idiom

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Close, but no cigar
What does Close, but no cigar mean?
Nearly achieving success, but not quite.That free throw was close, but no cigar.
Carnival games of skill, particularly shooting games, once gave out cigars as a prize. A contestant that did not quite hit the target was close, but did not get a cigar.

Some Random Idioms
come back to (someone)
What does "come back to (someone)" mean?
to return to one`s memoryThe strange events of last year are slowly coming back to me.
What does "manure" mean?
deceive; lie; con
hammer (something) home
What does "hammer (something) home" mean?
try hard to make someone understand somethingThe speaker tried to hammer home the importance of treating the customers with respect.
make (someone's) head spin
What does "make (someone's) head spin" mean?
make someone confused or overwhelmed, make someone dizzyThe numbers and information that I had to learn in the accounting course made my head spin.
come on strong
What does "come on strong" mean?
to overwhelm others with a strong personalityThe man came on too strong during the job interview and was unable to get the job.
actions speak louder than words
What does "actions speak louder than words" mean?
what you do is more important than what you sayThe politician promised to do many things but he never did anything. But actions speak louder than words and he lost the next election.
lend color to (something)
What does "lend color to (something)" mean?
to provide something extra to accompany somethingThe music in the play helped to lend color to the performance of the actors.
fee simple
What does "fee simple" mean?
absolute title or ownership of real estateThe property was sold fee simple by the woman.
What does "patsy" mean?
victim; dupe; person easily taken advantage of
What does "tranny" mean?
transmission in a car
be fed up with (with someone or something)
What does "be fed up with (with someone or something)" mean?
(with someone or something): be out of patience (with someone or something);
be very tired of someone or something.
"Bill, you're too careless with yourwork. I'm fed up with apologizing for your mistakes!"
tune up (an engine)
What does "tune up (an engine)" mean?
to adjust a car engine so that it will run properlyWe took our car to the garage to tune it up before we went on our holiday.
open up to (someone)
What does "open up to (someone)" mean?
to talk frankly or truthfully to someoneI always open up to my best friend when I meet him.



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