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Clear As A Bell Idiom

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Clear as a bell
What does Clear as a bell mean?
Clearly understood.You don't have to repeat yourself. Your message is clear as a bell.
Bells such as the type used in churches are large and loud. Their sound can be heard from a great distance. Bells sound a single, clear note so their sound is distinctive and not easily confused.
Before electric sirens and amplification systems, bells were a valuable means of signaling people and alerting of important events like an impending attack. The bell and the message intended could be heard clearly over a large area.
Back in the 1910's, many companies were trying to get into the manufacturing and selling one the hottest items around, the phonograph. One of those companies was the Sonora Chime Company.
This company started the Sonora Phonograph Company and used "Clear as a Bell" as their slogan, touting the fidelity of their machine's sound reproduction.

Some Random Idioms
all ears
What does "all ears" mean?
eager to hear something, very attentive My sister was all ears when I talked about starting a home business.

end of one`s rope
What does "end of one`s rope" mean?
the last of one`s ability or ideas about how to do something I am at the end of my rope regarding what to do about my job.

worship the porcelain god
What does "worship the porcelain god" mean?
throw up; vomit. After last night's frat party, I spent the morning worshipping the porcelain god.
find Mr. Right
What does "find Mr. Right" mean?
find the right or perfect person find the right or perfect personShe is always hoping to find Mr. Right but so far she hasn't had any luck.
make mincemeat out of (someone or something)
What does "make mincemeat out of (someone or something)" mean?
to beat up or destroy someone or something The older boxer made mincemeat out of the young boxer.

come as no surprise
What does "come as no surprise" mean?
to not be surprising It came as no surprise that the government decided to have an election.

regardless of (something)
What does "regardless of (something)" mean?
without considering something, at any rateRegardless of the weather we are going to go fishing tomorrow morning.
off the mark
What does "off the mark" mean?
to be not quite exactly rightThe cost estimate for the new train station was off the mark.
(not) have anything to do with someone
What does "(not) have anything to do with someone" mean?
(not) want to be a friend/work/do business with someoneMy father will not have anything to do with the salesman because he sold him the faulty car.
steal a base
What does "steal a base" mean?
to sneak from one base to another in baseballThe player was easily able to steal a base during the game.
What does "well-heeled" mean?
richHe seems rather well-heeled and is always wearing expensive clothes and driving a nice car.


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